Educate. Enrich. Empower.

Educate. Enrich. Empower. 

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Empowering, Educating and Enriching the Bahamian community to progressively live full and rewarding lives without limits based on sexual orientation, gender identity or health status by providing a strong social support, quality educational opportunities through educational, cultural and wellness programs within the region. This is what SASH aims to achieve through our ongoing seminars.

SASH Bahamas is here to encourage community growth, empowerment and progression through imparting wisdom and being of social aid to those in need or who simply wish to be helped through capacity building.

The Know Your Rights, Healthy Lifestyles, and Behavioral Change seminars will not be present this year. However, we have compiled all those resources for you, and they will be available as a download for you shortly. Instead, we are taking a more proactive approach in addressing the needs of the community through completely new programs that will reinforce our LGBT, HIV/STI, Educational and Advocacy goals. You can access information related to those seminars here.

Our series of workshops and seminars have been so popular that we've decided to make them a permanent staple. Check them out below.

LGBT 205



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