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Linkages Project 2017

SASH successful obtained a sub-grant to be apart of the Linkages Porject which is running several instances of the project across the Eastern Caribbean in countries like Suriname, Jamaica, Trinidad, Haiti, Guyana, and Barbados.

The project empowers CSO's working with key populations to partner with their local Ministries of Health in helping to reach key populations, test them, and enroll them into holistic care. This entails having peer educators do targeted prevention intervention education about STI's and HIV/AIDS, providing key population members with safe sex commodities, and build the capacities of CSO's to operate as official Drop-In-Centers.

The project is expected to wind up in September 2017. SASH will use this opportunity to expand its community outreach, form strategic alliances with partner in-country CSO's, and advocate on behalf of key populations.

A report on the project data collected will also be made available for public viewing to further advocacy goals. Other local CSO's working in this project is Bahamas Red Cross as the fiscal management agency, the Bahamas Urban Youth Development Center (BUYDC) and the Haitian Organization for the Prevention of HIV, AIDS, and STI's (HOPHAS).


In our interactions with the community we have seen the struggle that our fellow brothers and sisters  endure everyday. 

Due to this struggle, we launched our clothing and non-perishable food drive back in August of this year. We are asking that all of our members, patrons, fellow LGBT community members, as well as the general public, to please go in your closets and pantries, and donate the items that you no longer need.

As citizens, we have a responsibility to look after one another. Especially in the LGBT community where citizens are often marginalized and discriminated upon, even by charities. Please help us in our support of the community by dropping off your donations at our offices, or call 323-7274 on how you can support the drive.

LCI Project 2017

The Local Capacity Initiative (LCI) Project is a research based project grant that SASH successfully obtained. The Project is funded through CARICOM in partnership with PANCAP and the HEU Centre for Health Economics at the University of the West Indies.

The project will build the organizational capacity of SASH Bahamas to effectively advocate for items of interest from a statistical and policy view point. The project also allows for SASH to enhance grant writing skills and execution of projects, form and deepen strategic relationships with local and international stakeholders

In particular, through this project, SASH will seek to address barriers that impede MSM and Transgender individuals from accessing HIV/STI clinical health services from public health providers. This project is expected to deepen the understanding of the relationship between health clinics and the willingness of key populations to retain services from public health clinics.

At the end of the project, a report will be drafted and made available to the public to enhance advocacy efforts. The project is expected to end October 2017.


We have definitely heard of the plights of the community from our well attended "Spill The Tea" fundraisers.

Given this, we have decided to start a dedicated day for free counseling by appointment only. We realize that many in our LGBT community do not have that peer counseling opportunity available to them so we have decided to craft this service.

We have trained, certified peer counselors who take confidentiality and professionalism to the highest standards. If you need someone to talk to , we are here for you. To schedule your appointment, or to find out more, please call us at 323-7274. We also have a dedicated Whatsapp hotline for you to contact us at if you are feeling shy.


This is our scholar team's initiative in mapping out the LGBT Community. By gathering basic anonymous demographic information, the aim is for us to analyze this data and to be able to craft specific services to aid the community.

Please partake and share the survey with as many people in the community as you can. You can find the link here


This is our exciting outreach initiative. This podcast airs twice a month, one the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month. Various topics pertaining to the LGBT community and Bahamian society is addressed. 

You can find episodes of this podcast on our Facebook page as well as our Youtube channel. You can find out more about the podcast here.

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