Educate. Enrich. Empower.

Educate. Enrich. Empower. 

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SASH BAHAMAS (SASH) is a Non-Profit Organisation that was founded in April 2005. It was first established as a network for individuals struggling with high sexual behavior at risk of sexually-transmitted illnesses, hence previously being acronym-ed Society Against STI's and HIV. 

Since then, SASH Bahamas has broadened its scope of work to encompass ALL Bahamian communities, volunteering time and effort in the areas of education and counseling. SASH's goal (now the Society Against Stigmatization & Hate) is to enhance and improve the quality of life for the marginalized and those struggling from inequality. We pride ourselves in being a non-profit organisation founded on equality, inclusiveness and unity.

We have evolved into an independent, nonpartisan, research-based, advocacy-oriented, socially-supportive and educating organization. With no political agenda, our advisory council is a group of outstanding citizens from The Bahamas, the Caribbean, USA and Canada. The research and education efforts we conduct are independent and available to all.

Our Goal

Community Outreach

Education & Mentorship

SASH Bahamas strives to become an engaging and effective advocate for the Bahamian community. We are committed to the mobilization of grassroots throughout the country by investing strategically in policy-making and educating the public about ALL local and international issues regarding equality for all.

Our outreach is conducted throughout the community in various venues that hosts large groups where we provide the community access to prevention materials, health education, and eye-opening resources. Materials such as condoms, brochures, pamphlets, and flyers are consistently provided.

We have recognized the lack of valid information that affects those marginalized communities; therefore, we carry out quantitative and qualitative research to provide accurate data for these communities. Educating the Bahamian Populace is of paramount importance. Our aim is to educate all communities and health care providers on the risky behaviors that impact these vulnerable communities and our country.

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